Study Overview


The EAs for The Parkway and Ashburnham Drive bridges are following the approved planning process for Group ‘C’ projects under the MTO’s Class EA for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000). An Environmental Screening Document (ESD) will be prepared for internal use. The EA for the Rail-To-Trail Overhead, Bensfort  Road and Otonabee River bridges was initiated as a Group ‘B’ project but the Project Team is proposing to step-down the project to a Group ‘C’ project since it has been determined that this project will not result in significant adverse environmental effects based on information collected during the study. Please refer to the Notice of Project Step-Down page for more information.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is undertaking Class Environmental Assessment (EA) and Detail Design Studies for the rehabilitation of the Highway 115 corridor between Airport Road and Highway 7/Lansdowne Street in the City of Peterborough. AECOM will be responsible for the design and EA study for the following westbound bridges: Rail-To-Trail Overhead, Bensfort Road and Otonabee River, as well as the overall coordination and future consultation of the work as the project moves forward into construction. MTO has retained Morrison Hershfield to carry out the Detail Design and EA studies for the bridge at Ashburnham Drive and the two bridges at The Parkway. MTO is considering combining these projects into one construction contract.


Construction is anticipated to start in Fall 2019 and be completed by late 2021. Project timing is subject to change based on funding, planning, design, environmental approval and construction requirements.